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Release NLD_Units v201510203 - Smootch - 10-20-2015

Lowlands Tactical is proud to present a new release of NLD Units bringing it to version 201510205.

You can download this release from: http://lowtac.nl/NLD_Units/@NLD_Units-201510205.7z
( We can stop being gentle now... )

[Image: JCaYHwo.jpg]

[Image: O7p6Dz4.jpg]

- CBA_A3

Changelog - v201510205
- Added APC's (YPR, Buffel, CV9035NL, Cheetha PRTL, KMAR YPR, KMAR Buffel).
- Added KMAR Units.
- Changed Textures of MLRS & PzH2000.
- http://imgur.com/a/xVaKa

-Dutch Aviation Emergency Services can be found under Civilian
-There is a F16C CAS AI version, which can be used for Alive Combat Support. This vehicle includes all the normal weapons
-It's not needed to download the F16C model and the EC135 model as they are included in this version
-With permission we've included several mods, so If you use LLW's AH64D, HAFM EC635 and NH90, F-16 stand-alone in your modpack, this might conflict with this mod.

Known issues
- Rebranded CUP weapons still show their original version in the arsenal
- SF (black) COMSPEC doesn't have a UAV table (like it should)
- Nose of unarmed Lynx stays vanilla color in first person

Textures : Smootch, Shiftysean & Outlaw28
config.cpp : Sacha Ligthert & Smootch
Models : Bohemia Interactive
AH-64D : Crielaard (LowLands Warrior)
Uniforms : Craig (@SP_Pack/NED_Pack)
Fennek skin : [KGB] Cartman
Leopard skin : [KGB] Cartman
Weapons : Community Upgrade Project
NH90 : Aplion
EC135 : Aplion
F16C : Firewil

Unless specified otherwise, this content uses the following license:
[Image: APL-SA.png]