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NLD Units -- v2016101310 - Sacha - 10-13-2016

- Fixed hitpoints on certain helmets
- Removed itemScope error during startup
- Added Woodland Helmet Camo
- Added optional TFAR Radio backpacks (4 camo's)
- Added 80's units
- Added Versatile Expeditionary Commando Tactical Off Road (or VECTOR)
- Added custom markers
- Added Group Icons
- Added flags
- Changed MINIMI and Ammo
- Added Special Forces Weapons (The APEX Expansion with this is now a dependency)
- Update SP_Pack Helmets

Known issues:
- The Apache gunner triggers a "MachineGun" error when switching weapons
- AA Units trigger error on spawn
- No Motorized and Mechanized groups (yet)
- NH-90 breaks the tailrotor when slingloading in some cases

Download: http://lowtac.nl/NLD_Units/@NLD_Units-2016101310.7z